Durban Lubricants currently has significant infrastructure including  warehousing nationally and guarantee’s a stockholding of 60 days on various Shell-branded lubricants.

As part of its product offering. We offer services that include:

     •   Product and application training (Shell Lube Coach –basic training)
     •   Hydrocarbon consumption analysis and reporting
     •   Technical services helpdesk support
     •   24 hours service availability(SHELL LUBEMATCH)

The above services are provided up to a basic level free of charge, thereby ensuring that you not only receive a top quality range of lubricants but also have the know-how and capabilities to maximise their value to your operations.
Durban Lubricants is also uniquely positioned to offer our Product Plus range of chargeable services, which incorporate:

     •   Oil Condition Monitoring (SHELL LUBE ANALYST)
     •   Advanced Training (SHELL LUBE COACH )
     •   Global Best Practice Transfer

We see the relationship with our clients as one that is multi-level and based on a partnering and collaboration approach. 

The global reach and dedicated experience that Shell brings to Durban Lubricants, assures you that best practices are brought to bear at your site.


Shell Lube Analyst:

Shell LubeAnalyst is a health check for your lubricants and machinery.
It is an oil condition monitoring service which helps you to keep your business running smoothly by identifying potential oil or equipment failures before they become critical.
Shell LubeAnalyst will help your business to save money and time on maintenance and potential lost production caused by equipment failures.
It is an early warning system which aims to give you peace of mind knowing that both your equipment and lubricants are in optimum working order.

Shell Lube Advisor:

Shell Lube Advisor is specifically designed to ensure that you use the right Shell oil, at the right time, every time.
By helping you to improve the lubrication and maintenance practice of your equipment and vehicles, significant benefits can be achieved, increasing productivity, limiting downtime, and ultimately providing you with a competitive advantage.

Shell Lube Coach:

Shell Lube Coach is a customised training programme designed to give your employees the knowledge they need to make informed decisions that result in longer lubricant and component life. Experts with substantial field based experience deliver this programme.

Shell Lube Match:

Shell Lube Match is a free online service that lets you match the correct lubrication to your vehicles and equipment.
Originally designed for use by Shell's own technical staff, we've now made the information available to our customers globally – giving you instant access to a vast bank of data

Shell Lube Expert:

Shell Lube Expert is our specialist consulting, troubleshooting and research and development service.
Our customer-facing professionals can work with you on critical applications and challenging lubrication problems to ensure your equipment runs smoothly.