We believe that the combination of competitive pricing and value improvements is an ideal solution for delivering significant and immediate realizable savings.

Durban Lubricants is the official lubricants supplier of the world's leading supplier of hydrocarbon products and services.

Each year Shell invests over $50million on the research and development of new lubricant products, ensuring that customers continue to benefit from our global experience and innovative solutions.

With a truly global offer, we provide continuity, consistency of supply and guaranteed product quality anywhere in the world thanks to our 18 base oil refineries and 76 lubricant blending plants.

We also realise that different markets have different needs and can therefore customise our global offer to suit your individual site needs.

Shell has a passionate commitment to quality in all aspects of its business. South Africa’s quality system is based on the international standard for quality systems, which is published by the South African Bureau of Standards as the SABS ISO 9000 series (ISO 9001-2000) and is listed by the SABS as an accredited company for:
1. The manufacture, blending and supply of lubricating oil blends and greases.
2. The blending, packaging, storage and dispatch of bitumen products, slack waxes, and aromatic extracts, as well as aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbon solvents.

Furthermore, Shell is committed to maintaining a high level of oil cleanliness and ensures that all products leaving the depots are certified as complying with ISO cleanliness standards.

Durban Lubricants has a product range second to none and would be able to meet nearly every single requirement for a lubricant. In other words Durban Lubricants has products to meet main line lubricant requirements and to meet speciality lubricant requirements for critical application machines e.g. shovels and draglines

Should you decide to use Durban Lubricants as a preferred supplier we strongly recommend lubrication surveys (Lube Advisor program) to be conducted at the plant.

Durban Lubricants has a vast range of products suitable for all types of applications.

We Specialize in Automotive diesel and petrol oils, Hydraulic fluids, compressor oils, Turbine, marine, agricultural, cutting fluids, Slide way, gear circulating, transformer, Process oils, greases, Transmission, Break fluid, Antifreeze, axle and gear oils In order to gain more detailed information about our products for example:
Shell Tellus (Hydraulic oil)
Shell Omala (Industrial gear oil)
Shell Spirax (Gear, Axle and Transmission oil) Shell Gadus (Grease) Shell Rimula (Diesel engine oil) Shell Helix (Petrol engine oil) Shell Refrigeration (Refrigeration oil) Shell Heat Transfer (Thermal oil) Shell Corena (Compressor oil) Shell Diala (Transforma oil) Shell Advance (Motorcycle oil) Shell Airtool (Pneumatic oil) Shell Arginia (Marine oil) Shell Gadinia (Marine oil) Shell Morlina (Circulating oil) Shell Nautilus (Outboard oil) Shell Tonna (Slideway oil) Shell Turbo (Turbine oil)

Log onto our Electronic Portal Catalogue where you can type the product you are searching for, find material safety data sheets, technical data sheets and we will then advise availability in your pack size.

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